Leak detection and repair


Avenue P Sewer and Drain offers acoustic emission valve and trap leak testing services. We routinely test valves and traps used to control the flow of steam, water, and other liquids and common to power plants and other industrial plant environments. If leaking, they will cause a significant decrease in plant efficiency. Before checking for leaks, you must make sure all running faucets, toilets and irrigation valves are repaired or stopped before conducting any tests.

With over years of experience, our method is proven & our service unparalleled. If you are looking for leak detection services then Avenue P Sewer and Drain are the ones to contact. The US based company, established has been helping people who need professional help and advice concerning Plumbing and Heating problems. Our exclusive services have been appreciated by our vast clientele. And this is the simple reason why we get the best of leak detection work in New York.

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